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DTU@Dreamhack - Dreamhack Winter 2017

Students and former students from the student organisation at the Technical University of Denmark (Polyteknisk Forening) is arranging a trip to Dreamhack. The worlds largest digital festival.

From 1-4. December 2017

Dreamhack event ticket and seat cost will be 990 SEK ~773 DKK.
Transport to-from dreamhack cost 650 DKK.

Lyngby, Denmark <--> jönköping, Sweden.

We arrange the transport transportation, but the tickets for the Dreamhack event your have to buy your self.
Tickets can be bought from the Dreamhack booking site.


If you want a seat with the DTU@Dreamhack group, buy a standard or express table seat ticket, and select a seat at table D62.

Seatmap guide can be found here:

Deadline for signup for dtu@dreamhack transportation is:
15. Oktober 2017.

Find more information on our Facebook group. If you already know now that you are going to DHW17, signup at our facebook event.

Visit dreamhack.se for more information relating to the party.
We also have a wiki-site where you can find more practical information.
Or contact us via email dtu@dreamhack.dk.

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